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12 reasons why you should visit the Rosario Islands
12 reasons why you should visit the Rosario Islands
Aug 10, 2018
Although Cartagena is next to the sea, you cannot miss enjoying the paradisiacal beaches of the Caribbean. Take a short break in one of the twenty islands and islets of the National Park of the Rosario Islands, such as Isla Grande and Isla Majagua.

You will discover the magical environment offered by this archipelago of a coral formation with transparent waters. From here you can dive or dive. Even closer, Isla Barú offers the same plan, only 30 minutes by boat from Cartagena!

We are going to tell you the main reasons why you will enjoy your time in the Rosario Islands to the fullest:
  1. It is one of the most important nature reserves in Colombia:
  2. The Rosario Islands are a fundamental part of the Rosario and San Bernardo National Natural Park, its main attraction is that it is the only Natural Park that is underwater.

  3. They are a few kilometers from Cartagena:
  4. The Rosario Islands are very close to Cartagena, this can make you visit them in just one day; however, you will realize that the beauty of the place warrants a much longer stay.

  5. An escape from civilization:
  6. You can disconnect from the city and have a more pleasant rest.

  7. Stay in one of the best hostels in Colombia:
  8. In Rosario Islands, you can book in The Secret Paradise Hostel, considered one of the best backpacker shelters in the country and distributed to different islands by seven sites where you can find all the luxury you want.

  9. Impeccable Beaches:
  10. One of the principal characteristics of these islands is the paradisiacal scenario surrounded by white beaches and crystal clear water.

  11. Amazing gastronomy:
  12. The restaurants will offer you the best sea dishes served completely fresh, and you'll have the opportunity to taste all the flavors of the Colombian Coast through its textures, colors, and flavors.

  13. Diversity of plans:
  14. You can choose from completely risky and adventurous plans or much more relaxing plans such as enjoying the beach in a hammock accompanied by a couple of drinks. Everything depends on your travel itinerary.

  15. Visit The Oceanarium:
  16. The Oceanarium or Natural Aquarium is an ideal place to know the underwater wonders of the region. It is special if you are thinking of making family trips, the children will adore it.

  17. Stunning sunsets:
  18. As you would expect from the Caribbean, the sunsets on the Rosario Islands are spectacular. All are truly memorable moments that deserve to be portrayed, so take your best camera and shoot!

  19. Diving:
  20. If you still do not know how to dive or if you want to continue practicing, in Islas del Rosario you will find multiple spaces where you can practice this and other water sports with your friends or family.

  21. Luxury accommodation:
  22. Resort hotels such as Hotel Isla del Pirata, Hotel Pedro Majagua or Gente de Mar offer combinations of luxury rooms, private beaches and quality food.

  23. Excursions on private boats or yachts:
  24. If you want to enjoy Rosario’s Islands magic in an exclusive and personalized way, remember that you can count on us to guide you in your Boat Rental in Cartagena.

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