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Cholon Island

The best party in Caragena

In addition to the amazing parties, Cholon Island also becomes the perfect place for those who are looking to spend their weekend surrounded by the beautiful and crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea and the breathtaking sunsets, since the daily tropical sun of this island make it ideal for those who want to sunbathe and later have fun in the sea.

Cholon Island, located within the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Park, has become a must-see for adventure lovers; since a few meters from the seashore, tourists can find the Colombia’s largest coral reef, which allows all kinds of sports and aquatic activities.

Cholon receives hundreds of tourist every weekend, who take advantage of all the tourist attraction to celebrate birthdays, bachelor(ette) parties or just spend all day reading a book and relaxing on the beach while contemplating the immensity of the sea.

What can you do in Cholon Island?
Due to the large number of tourists Cholon receives, the island has a good commercial flow, which includes various tourist attractions such as:
  • Scuba diving or snorkeling.
  • Enjoying the sea with jet skis.
  • Get to know the island’s vegetation.
  • Sunbathe read a book or share with relatives while staying close to the shore.
  • Get to know the coral reef.
  • Have a boat party on the sea, close to the island.

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