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Playa Azul (Blue Beach)

The quiet destination your family is looking for

Blue Beach (Playa Azul) has been part of Cholon and Baru’ Island, which are known as excellent tourist destinations in which visitors can experience different adventures, depending on their tastes and how they have decided to live their vacations. In this case, Blue Beach becomes the best attraction for people who are looking to have a day away from the noise, surrounded only by the sound of the sea’s waves.

Blue Beach is a private island of white sand, surrounded by crystal blue waters and it’s characterized by providing silence and tranquility to its visitors. Because is not being inhabited, the presence of street vendors and tourists is reduced by 99% meaning that Blue Beach is the perfect destination to have a 100% private vacation.

On the other hand, if we had to describe Blue Beach in a few words, we would say that it is a spectacular scenario, where you can relax mind and body with activities such as sunbathing, family enjoyment of a spectacular sunset or simply get to know the immensity of the sea.

What can you do in Blue Beach (Playa Azul)?

Despite being an uninhabited island, it promises to be one of the poles of tourism development in Cartagena, as it carries out activities such as:

Family walks or groups of friends.
Tours around the island to know its fauna and flora.
Sit by the sea without interruption of street vendors.
Enjoy a swim in the beach without the presence of many tourists.

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