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For detailed information contact us by phone or WhatsApp to +57 304 4594905. Also by email at
Oct 13, 2016
Basic requirements
To manage your boat in the best possible way and to also guarantee a top notch service, we will handle the periodic check ups performed by the special...
Oct 13, 2016
Legal requirements
Maritime activity has different risks can be prevented. It is for this reason that we ask our suppliers to ensure their vessels with hull insurance, P...
Oct 13, 2016
Fees and Percentages
To get an advice on rates and percentages of our suppliers, we invite you to email us at
Oct 13, 2016
Benefits of being a supplier
Fees for maintenance and parking of boats are very high, hence that acquiring such has proven to be quite a bad investment. This is why we offer to ma...
Oct 13, 2016

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The Rosario Islands are a group of 28 islands situated about less than an hour from Cartagena’s coast, and it has consolidated as a must-see destination for the tourists that not o...
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