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Booking policies

The prices displayed within the PORTAL do not include national or local taxes that may exist at the time of redeeming the offer, VAT taxing will be made only to people residing in Colombia, all foreigners are exempt from VAT taxes according to the 297 Decree by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and tourism. Prices may vary according to the season when the booking is being made. The Company holds the right to edit, limit and suppress any plans or boats offered through the portal, as well as offering plans or additional services displayed on the PORTAL.

The portal offers the users the possibility to make a "booking request" which once it is received will be verified and studied by the society. Requests for bookings made by the users are subject to the availability of boats and plans requested. Likewise, the Company holds the right to accept or cancel bookings and booking requests made by users. In case of a cancellation of a booking either by the Company or by the USER, and after the latter has made any payments to THE COMPANY, the user must apply for a reimbursement of such sums according to the instructions contained in the section entitled "REFUND POLICY AND RIGHTS OF WITHDRAWAL". These refunds will be made according to the instructions and conditions described therein.

Once the booking is confirmed and approved by the Company, the user must follow and comply with the instructions received in order to hold your booking for set dates.

You understand and agree that the Company will have the right to replace the boat previously booked as long as the replacement holds the same characteristics to the one originally booked.

All payments made in accordance with these Terms and Conditions will be made through the means of payment available on the PORTAL. Confirmation of transactions through the PORTAL is subject to the authorization of credit card systems, debit card or bank transfer systems available online on the site.

The user acknowledges and agrees that the portal does not have control in any way of the pages where transactions through debit cards, credit or online bank transfers are done. Consequently, under no circumstances will the PORTAL be responsible for managing the information that the user must provide to the banks through which such transactions are being carried. Thus, the management, transfer and filing of the information referred is the sole responsibility of the banking and financial services that are affiliated with the owner or user of the card.

It also is important to know, that the portal is not responsible for the efficiency and safe operation of payment portals or platforms used to carry out the payment transactions for products and services offered by the PORTAL. Given the foregoing, you acknowledge that all payment platforms are external to us, and therefore disclaim any responsibility from PORTAL and society in everything related to transactions and other services or functions to be carried out on these. The USER of the PORTAL does not hold the Company responsible of any action, claim or controversy that may arise between the user and the online payment portals or platforms.

The SOCIETY and their representatives or agents may cancel bookings made by users for the following reasons:
  • Non-payment of the booking fee according to the instructions displayed within the PORTAL.
  • Accident or major force of nature
  • Adverse weather conditions that could endanger the well-being of the boat and its crew.
  • Whatever reason that compromises the safety of the path scheduled according to the SOCIETY, boat captain or crew.
  • Bad behavior that could endanger the safety of the passengers as well as the crew.
Users may also cancel the service and may request reimbursement of the amounts payed in accordance with the instructions contained in the section entitled "REFUND POLICY AND RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL".

The portal offers its users the possibility to withdraw from the purchase during the first five (5) working days after making the booking payment for the services offered by THE PORTAL.

This right of withdrawal shall be notified to the following email address: or to the main headquarters located in: Gastelbondo Street, Office 11B, Santo Domingo residential complex of the city of Cartagena, Colombia. And to the phone number: +57 304-459-4905 or +575 660-2767 or by any other means of communication offered within the PORTAL.

If the booking or service requested was payed for in cash through a bank transfer or deposit, the Company will have up to 30 days from the date of such request to reimburse the user for the amount payed.

If the booking or service requested was payed for by credit card, the transaction will be reversed and the money will be refunded to the card used for it. This process can take up to 30 working days after the PORTAL accepts the terms of such withdrawal. Reversal time in these cases will depend directly on the bank to which the user is connected.

Cancellation and rescheduling policy:
  • Cancellation:
    • A month before departure: 100% refund minus surcharges generated by the transaction.
    • A week before departure: 80% refund minus surcharges generated by the transaction.
    • Less than a week before departure: 70% minus surcharges generated by the transaction.
    • The day before departure: 50% refund minus surcharges generated by the transaction.
    • The day of departure: No refund will be made.
  • Rescheduling:
    • A week before departure: No additional charges for this change, but is subject to availability.
    • Three days before departure: No additional charges for change, but is subject to availability.
    • The day before departure: You can make changes but are subject to availability, there is a 5% penalty fee for it.
    • The day of departure: You can make changes but are subject to availability and there will be a 10% penalty fee for this change.
If any of the following situations take place during the booking or prior to the sail off, a full refund for the booking will be payed, but this will exclude the administrative fees that incurred because of the payment process.
  • Trip Cancellation due to a restriction by DIMAR (Colombian Maritime General Association) to leave the bay of Cartagena.
  • Trip Cancellation due to technical problems that could prevent the boat to make the trip at its full extent.
  • Trip Cancellation due to an extreme climate change that might jeopardize the safety of the passengers onboard.
  • Mechanical boat problems during the trip that might delay up to 30% of the initially scheduled travel time.
  • Case of death of the main booker or any of the passengers.
  • Cancellation of the trip because the boat does not meet the basic safety and quality requirements.

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