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The lessee declares to be of an age that possesses mental and physical health enough to incur in water sports and recreational activities offered by Barlovento Tourism SAS (Boats4u). The lessee also declares awareness of the activity to be carried out and hence the awareness regarding the risks and responsibilities incurred by participating in said activity. By this, the lessee exonerates Barlovento Tourism SAS its legal representatives and the owners of the boats offered on the PORTAL (boats4u) of any moral or legal responsibility for any of the damages that might be generated by this activity and assumes all risks for their voluntary participation in this activity. Along with these records, the lessee waives any claim or lawsuit against Barlovento Tourism SAS who owns the Boats4u brand, as well as its legal representative and the owners of the boats offered on the PORTAL for any risk involved in the activities during the tour to the Rosario Islands and every activity carried out during the day or at night.

By accepting the terms and conditions the lessee is declared responsible for any damage to the equipment or the boat hired. This document is valid throughout all the legal aspects of a bill of exchange. By accepting the terms and conditions stated here, the guardian of a minor will not hold the offices responsible for the results or activities during the tour to the Rosary islands and other activities undertaken. The acceptance of these terms waives any claim or lawsuit for any damage occurred to the person who is a passenger on the boat as expressed on this document.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is only allowed for people over 18 years of age, alcohol must be consumed responsibly. Boats4u and Barlovento Tourism SAS as well as the boat owners are not responsible for any accident that arises because of the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Drug use or possession of any kind is strictly prohibited, in case the crew detects illicit drugs being used on board, it will be immediately reported to the relevant authorities.

Personal accident policy.
Barlovento Tourism SAS offers a collective personal accident policy covering all passengers onboard of the boats listed on the PORTAL boats4u ( The use of this policy provides our customers with a sense of security and complete support even on the worst case scenarios possible.

Details of Coverage.

Reason for coverages Insurance Fee
Accidental death $30.000.000 COP
Homicide or terrorism $30.000.000 COP
Accidental Handicap $30.000.000 COP
Accidental dismemberment $30.000.000 COP
Funerary services due to accicental death $2.000.000 COP
Medical aid reimbursement $1.000.000 COP

Pandi and Hull Security Policy
All boats listed on the PORTAL ( have Pandi policy and complete hull insurance as well as the boat.

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