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Cartagena: a dream city for romance
Dec 14, 2018
Many couples choose Colombia as their preferred destination to live a romantic sunset in Cartagena. And they cannot be wrong, especially if they opt for the stunning city of Cartagena, for there they will find a myriad of things to do throughout the year thanks to the warm climate perfect for love.

Located in the Colombian northern coast, this city has become a city to celebrate weddings, honeymoons and it is also the ideal backdrop for a romantic getaway due to the magnificent spots that this city and its surroundings has to offer to all the visitors. Some of the most beautiful landscapes are actually located in the outskirts of Cartagena where there is abundance of beaches and islands.

Hence, if you visit a vibrant city like Cartagena, you will be in front of numerous options to live some unforgettable days with your partner. This are only a few examples of all the things that you cannot miss, including a romantic sunset in Cartagena.

  • Top notch restaurants and boutique hotels. There is no romance without a night out in a hotel or trendy restaurants, to taste the gastronomy that Cartagena has to offer. No doubt, it is the paradise for all food lovers, especially for those who are crazy for seafood and exotic dishes.
  • Riding a “coche”. Alongside with a romantic sunset in Cartagena, riding a traditional carriage drawn by horses is an experience that you will love. It is recommended to do this activity at night, so you and your partner will be able to enjoy the charming colors of the old town houses and balconies draped with bougainvilleas.
  • Natural landscapes. Cartagena is a city with a lot of beautiful beaches to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean along with your partner. However, there are even more stunning spots if you look beyond the city. Just 45 minutes away from town you will find precious natural landscapes, such as Rosario Islands and Tierra Bomba.
  • Breathtaking sunsets. The Caribbean is the perfect place to enjoy the sun in all of its splendor. You can live along your partner the most romantic sunset in Cartagena in places like Castillo de San Felipe, Café Mar or the stunning beach of Castillo Grande.

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