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Neighborhoods you should visit during your next trip to Cartagena
Neighborhoods you should visit during your next trip to Cartagena
Jul 27, 2018
If your next trip is to Cartagena, you need to know the best neighborhoods in the city and establish your travel plan depending not only on your budget but on the kind of vacation you want.

Cartagena is a giant city. It consists of more than 1 million inhabitants, 3 locations, and 205 neighborhoods.

In Boats4U we have selected the main neighborhoods for you to make your trip to Cartagena, something unforgettable.

  1. Historic Center or Walled City also called Centro Histórico or Ciudad Amurallada
  2. During the colonial period, the Spanish Crown invested large sums of money in the construction of walls to protect one of the richest cities. Today these walls represent the best military architecture used, and it is possible to walk on the walls, where you can admire a beautiful landscape, and attend the most beautiful sunsets of Cartagena.
    Here you can enjoy majestic historic buildings such as the former Plaza de la Inquisición, which is now one of the most cultural parks in Cartagena.
    There you can rest in the shade of the trees when it is too hot or enjoy the morning song of exotic birds. Later in the evening, you can watch traditional dance performances or get to work in a chess game with the locals. The nightlife in the center is wonderful.
    In the center, you also find some international brands, but above all, establishments that incorporate the type of the region with the best of other parts of the world.

  3. Getsemaní
  4. Under the Spanish empire, Getsemaní was the slave and working-class neighborhood. Today Getsemaní is the most popular neighborhood, it is a prosperous neighborhood, with many hotels, bars and restaurants, and very attractive for young people and tourists because it handles a variety of prices and the historic architecture of its streets is simply charming. If you are looking for a place to dance Salsa all night, this is THE place!

  5. Bocagrande
  6. Both this and the modern neighborhoods around Bocagrande are made up of huge buildings with views of the sea and majestic beaches. Unlike other neighborhoods, here you will find several international brands, as well as five-star hotels. This is one of the premium neighborhoods of Cartagena, accompanied by Castillogrande, La Boquilla and Laguito and Morros.

  7. San Diego
  8. To the northeast of the walled city is San Diego. A much more traditional and bohemian place than the center of the city. Here you will find the School of Fine Arts, the vaults, the craft market and of course, the San Diego Plaza.

  9. Manga
  10. A simple neighborhood, nothing fancy but with all the charm of Cartagena and the kindness of its people. In this neighborhood, there are several tourists who report finding the best prices in terms of food and accommodation. Manga is a much more typical place, and you can learn more about the natural Cartagena culture.
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