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Nightlife in Cartagena
Nightlife in Cartagena
Aug 18, 2017
Cartagena is a multicultural city, being one of the principal ports to Colombia, tourists can find all kinds of entertainment and, at night, restaurants and bars are filled with energy thanks to countless people from all countries, excited by their experiences in the city. The only thing you should keep in mind is that in the off-season, it will be difficult to find these business open during weekdays.

Come to one of the squares of La Heroica and enjoy the musical and dance shows offered by the locals, while having a cold beer to combat the warm climate of the city, lasts through the night.

Visit some of the clubs and discos that are spread all over the city, you will find the perfect mix between the old and the modern, while enjoying the typical Colombian music.

Enjoy the amazing food in one of the many restaurants in the city, especially for seafood lovers. Walk through the streets of the Historic Center, so you can find any kind of food you want, between the most sophisticated places or street food stalls offering Cartagena’s most traditional dishes and snacks.

On the other hand, if you have something more private in mind, you can rent one of our boats and enjoy some of our plans, such as Sunset on the bay, where you will sail to Tierra Bomba Island and you will be left speechless watching the sun set in the sea, while drinking wine with your mates or family.

Or you can enjoy a Romantic Sunset to celebrate a special date with your lover, while enjoying the sunset in the Bay of Cartagena, watching the change from warm tones to a quiet night, illuminated by the lights that come from the city.

Enjoy the nightlife in Cartagena, whether it's dancing all night, walking along its cobbled streets in search of the best restaurant or resting in the middle of the sea while you have the silhouette of the city as background scenery from one of our boats or yachts deluxe; don’t miss the opportunity to discover all the things Cartagena has for you.

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