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Water Sports in Cartagena
Things you need to know about snorkeling
Dec 07, 2018
If we talk about fun activities that awakens your adventurous spirit on vacation without having to be a professional athlete, we must talk about snorkeling. Many visitors agree that this one of the most popular water sports in Cartagena, and it has become a favorite among people from all ages.

For the practice of this activity, you must use a diving mask and a breathing tube called ‘snorkel’. Along with that, is very usual to have some foot fins to swim easily as the body is underwater. In some cases, people may use a neoprene suit, especially for cold waters.

One of the main reasons that makes snorkeling one of the most popular water sports in Cartagena is that it can be practiced by people from all ages. Both children and adults can participate in this activity, so it is perfect for exploring all the beauty that lives underwater along with your family.

Snorkeling does not require you to be a professional swimmer or have performed any previous training. Actually, practising snorkeling is very easy and you don’t even need to put a lot of physical effort on it. If you are not good at swimming, you only have to let yourself float in the surface and submerge your head to see the wildlife in the seabed.

Among the water sports in Cartagena, snorkeling is a very lightweight activity. There’s no need for a heavy oxygen tank or any other special equipment, so you don’t have to spend a big amount of money to practice this sport. However, it is very important to have the accompaniment of a professional, so you can enjoy this activity to the fullest.

If your adventurous spirit is looking for the most beautiful spots in the ocean, we recommend to practice snorkeling in the coast of Rosario Islands Natural Park. In this nature sanctuary you will find some of the clearest waters to admire the exotic life that inhabits under the Caribbean Sea.

For further information about our touristic packages for the practice of snorkeling along with your family, feel free to visit our section Water Sports in Cartagena.

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