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Tips to enjoy the best boat party in Cartagena
Tips to enjoy the best boat party in Cartagena
Apr 27, 2018
There are many ways to make the most of yout time in Cartagena. You can enjoy an afternoon on the beach, visit the historic center or enjoy the gastronomy and multiculturalism of its pink zone. But what would it be like to do a boat party in Cartagena?

We assure you that it's one of the best plans you can experience in Colombia. In this quick list, we tell you how to enjoy and host an excellent boat party in Cartagena!
  1. Security first of all
    Before renting your boat, make sure its papers are up to date. Some private companies do not meet this requirement and may in case of an unforeseen event, cannot guarantee your safety and that of your guests.
  2. Bring a waterproof camera
    Nothing like pics of the good times you spent with your friends. Althought, you have to enjoy your party to the fullest. Make sure your load is complete before you leave. You will not want to miss the best moments of your friends making faces at sea.
  3. Bring extra clothes
    Either due to changes in weather or due to some misfortune caused by the boat party, it is always advisable to bring an additional change clothing in an airtight or waterproof package.
  4. Choose the menu and the perfect drinks
    The people in charge of your boat party will be 100% aware of your requirements. Before the trip, you must select or suggest the menu of the foods you want, thinking about the palate of your guests. Select refreshing drinks for the warmth of paradise where you are heading.
  5. Make sure that at the boat party everything is safe
    Be sure to check all the security requirements of the boat status. Your boat party should have a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit that addresses incidents and cuts to dizziness.
  6. Offer souvenirs and accessories
    It is always advisable that every boat party is memorable. That is what souvenirs are for: the hats are supremely useful for the heat and you will be able to find them in Cartagena easily and at low costs. If you have sunscreen envelopes, you will make your guests even more enamored.
  7. A set of amenities
    We recommend having amenities for your boat party. Envelopes of sunscreen, suntan lotion, lip balm or even repellent, are details that will make your guests even more impressed with your planning.
    Another detail is also having enough towels in plastic bags or dry to dry your party team.
  8. Drinks for everyone
    Having enough water on board, it's essential for a pleasant time at your boat party and to avoid dehydration. Also, we recommend having plenty of ice, you will need it.
Finally, what we can advise you on Boats4U is to have fun to the fullest! Organizing a party will allow you to relax and interact with your guests while the party staff and crew take care of everything. Find out more in our Boat Party section in Cartagena.

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