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What water sports can you do in Rosario Islands?
Dec 28, 2018
If you travel to Cartagena, you cannot miss a tour around the Rosario Islands to explore its natural beauty and practice some water sports. These islands are a true paradise for adventure lovers; hundreds of visitors arrive every year to enjoy the thrilling activities that can be performed outdoors.

In fact, in the Colombian Caribbean, you can practice a wide variety of sports, such as snorkeling, wakeboarding, tubing and subwing, which have become very popular among visitors in Cartagena and Rosario Islands. In the latter you will not only find these recreational activities; because it is a natural park you will live in a closer contact with nature at its ultimate expression.

Rosario Islands is an archipelago that has 28 islands. Among the most visited are Isla Grande, Isla del Pirata and Isla Rosario. This group of islands forms one of the most important national parks in Colombia that hosts a great wealth of sea life and perfect beaches for water sports.

Therefore, in this group of islands, you can live a very exciting experience, especially if you want to practice snorkeling. Actually, this is one of the favorites among tourists, since the underwater of the coast hosts big coral colonies that has plenty of endemic wildlife only seen in this part of the world.

Wakeboarding is one of the water sports that easily would become a favorite for the family because it provides a lots of fun! Practising it is very simple: you only need to keep balance over a board while you are drawn by a boat all along the coast. To enjoy this sport at its maximum you don’t need to be an expert; in fact, even children older than 5 years old can practice wakeboarding with the due precautions.

On the other hand, subwing is one of the most innovative and exciting sports for those who want to explore the sea in a different way. In this activity you must hold on to a wing-shaped board that is driven by a boat. While you are swimming underwater this way, you will be able to see the seabed and even do some maneuvers if you feel bold enough. By the way, there’s no need for heavy and expensive equipment.

To end with these activities to practice by the sea, there is one that is a guarantee of fun, so you cannot miss it if you ever travel to Rosario Islands. We are talking about tubing, a sport that consists in riding a big rubber tire that is drawn by boat power throughout the sea. If you are willing to have a time full of adrenaline and thrills with your kids in a biodiverse backdrop, choosing Rosario Islands would be your best option.

If you want to learn more about these activities and you are interested in our packages to practices these sports in Rosario Islands and Cartagena, feel free to visit our section Water Sports in Cartagena.

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