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What to do in the Historic Center of Cartagena?
What to do in the Historic Center of Cartagena?
Oct 01, 2018
You can enjoy a lot of activities in Cartagena that will amaze your senses. On land, you'll see how history becomes alive through magical places, made with overwhelming designs, in the middle of landscapes without comparison. Also, if you don't want the traditional relaxing plan on a beach, you could rent luxury boats in Cartagena. You'll live amazing sea experiences.

If you rent Luxury boats in Cartagena, you could experience breathtaking moments, like seeing great sunsets merging with the sea between the ruins. Also, you can get surprised by the beauty of practically virgin ecosystems and with the regional flavors. And, in addition to all that, you´ll be able to interact closely with the coral fauna and flora, practicing water sports in unique and unforgettable scenarios.

However, as we said, not all the wonders of this amazing city are related to the sea. Moreover, thanks to its many terrestrial cultural and architecture’s treasures, the city of Cartagena is considered Common Heritage of the Mankind. So, get to know some of that amazing places and activities that you need to make in the Historical Center of the city, for making your experience complete. These are:
  • Visit Bolivar Plaza. In this traditional area, you can rest for a while and catch your breath in the middle of a hot day, while enjoying the sounds and views of the Walled City. In addition, you will be able to see Caribbean musical performances, in live, with their respective dances.
  • Breathe art and history. If you want to immerse yourself in the history, and know everything about the different cultures who called the Caribbean region as their home, you’ll love the Zenu Gold Museum, right next to Bolivar Plaza. And, if you’re into art, you must go to the Modern Art Museum, next to San Pedro Claver Plaza. This museum is located in a spectacular 17th-century construction. There, you’ll find amazing pieces by Alejandro Obregon and Enrique Grau.
  • Learn walking. A free guided walking tour will help you get to know the most emblematic places of this city and their importance, as well as everything about the Walled City, its history, architecture, and culture. You will get a bigger view of the entire place and its evolution with the years, like dozens of beautiful photographs to show back at home.
  • Buy at Las Bovedas. The Bovedas market is a special place. Is located under the walls of the Walled City. Basically, it’s a group of souvenir stores, inside of cells that belonged to a local prison. You’ll find all kinds of souvenirs and live an unique shopping experience. Also, you could be able to escape from the heat for a moment, thanks to the shadow and the sea breeze.
  • Enjoy street art. If you visit the Getsemani neighborhood (which is not a part of the current Walled City, but it was in the original Old Town), you´ll experience an amazing cultural mix. You´ll see how its colonial buildings add their magic to the glamour of the Walled City, through its own bohemian charm, marked by beautiful murals and other examples of street art.
These were some of the cultural activities that you can do on land in Cartagena. But, if the heat is very strong, always remember the sea will be waiting for you, and with him, incredible moments. For this reason, check out for more information about Renting Luxury Boats in Cartagena .

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