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Why should you celebrate a themed boat party?
Why should you celebrate a themed boat party?
Jul 19, 2018
If sailing on the beaches of Cartagena is magical, why not give a different touch to your with a boat party on Cholon Island?

In Cartagena, all kinds of parties are celebrated everyday. However, sometimes, guests remember and love much more themed parties, depending on the elements you choose to customize it.

In this article we will tell you the following reasons why it is worthwhile to make an exceptional boat party in Cartagena:
  1. You can put your personal stamp to it
  2. Yes, you can! Where there are all kind of parties, there are also several themes that are often repeated at parties, for that reason you must play with your creativity. So make a list of the things that you and your group of friends like the most, and apply it to the context of your party. A pirate battle? A Jedi battle? Everything depends on all those aspects that make you unique and that you can use to your advantage on the high seas.

  3. It will be easier to make decisions
  4. If you are confused because you have many ideas about the theme of your party, especially if you are planning with your group of friends, and you come to feel that it isn't a good idea, calm down and dedicate yourself to find the best choice among several. When you have finally decided on the theme, it will be easier to choose the most assertive planning proposals for your boat party, from food, souvenirs, amenities, etc.

  5. Create memorable moments
  6. Although a party can be very well designed or have thousands of luxuries, if it doesn't have elements that differentiate it from the rest, it will go down in the history of your guests as one more party.
    However, if a party has a good theme and above all, it is a boat party in Cartagena, we guarantee that it will not be easy to forget.

  7. Boost the party
  8. Imagination not only wakes up in the organizers of a themed party. The power to give a creative sense allows each of its members to bring out the child in themselves. You will see how, after a while, all the guests will get into their role and every detail you have chosen for your boat party in Cholón will encourage their charm and active participation.

  9. You can tell a story
  10. Regardless of the theme, you have chosen, your boat party will be different from any other because you will be telling everything through a story. Stories generate emotions and convey feelings. People are programmed to understand and remember them, which allows each guest to feel much more comfortable during your party.
Be the author of an unforgettable story with your Boat party in Cartagena. Relax and focus on thinking how you want to enjoy the landscape and leave everything to Boats4u.

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