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Discover the most exciting water sports in Cartagena
Nov 02, 2018
Cartagena is a world-famous city because of its large amount of beautiful places to visit during a vacation. Although, beyond the charms of the Walled City of Cartagena, there’s also a lot of fun by the sea, especially for those who are looking for a dose of adventure and excitement.

The water sports of Cartagena are characterized for being open to children from three years old and adults. The variety of activities by the sea is guarantee of haunting moments along with your family, surrounded by the breathtaking beaches full of sun that you will only find in the Colombian Caribbean region.

The following, is a selection of the most exciting activities that you can enjoy in Cartagena. Set up your swimsuit for the huge waves of fun that are waiting for you!:
  • Subwing. Among the water sports of Cartagena, this is one of the most sublime, innovative and amusing. If you ever imagined how it feels like flying, with this activity you may experiment this feeling in the sea bottom. This sport is practised with two wings made of glass fiber binded with each other that allows you to swim in the ocean as you were flying!
  • Waterboarding. If you already know snowboarding, water skiing and skateboarding, you will love this sport. Wakeboarding blends some elements of these activities with all the fun of the sea. It uses a long board where the riders are standing while they are holding two rubber bindings tied to the boat. The challenge is standing on your feet during this high speed ride. It means lots of fun.
  • Waterboarding Tandem. This is a version of waterboarding that can be practiced by several people. Actually, this is one of the water sports of Cartagena especially designed for children between 4 and 12 years old, so they can have ton of fun as well.
  • Snorkeling. This is a sport performed underwater at different levels of depth. It uses a diving mask along with a breathing tube -also known as snorkel- during each dive. If you are a keen explorer ready to dive into the depths of the ocean to discover the outstanding marvels hidden under the sea, this activity is made for you.
  • Tubing. Among the water sports of Cartagena, tubing has become one of the favorite for many tourists. In this activity, people ride a big rubber tire that is drawn at high speed throughout the sea powered by a motor boat.
All these activities are only a sample of how fun can be your time in Cartagena. Click here if you want to learn more about the water sports packages that we have designed for you. That is your first step to a memorable adventure in Cartagena.

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