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7 tips for throwing an incredible boat party in Cartagena
7 tips for throwing an incredible boat party in Cartagena
Jun 22, 2018
If you are thinking about making the party of your dreams but you do not know how, we tell you that from experience, a boat party is the best choice.

We have designed the following tips so, from now on, you can visualize your event:

  1. Recreate a theme
  2. A boat party must be original, so your guests will remember for a long time with a smile on their lips.

  3. Involve water sports
  4. You can try water sports such as water skiing, windsurfing or simply swimming.

  5. Hire a professional DJ
  6. Sometimes we believe that we are the soul of the party, but only the experts know what kind of genres are suitable to light the moment according to the mood of your guests.

  7. Hire a local cocktail expert
  8. Party without good alcohol is not a party. Delegate and let a cocktail expert delight you with multiple flavors and textures of the fruits of the region.

  9. Build your own souvenir kit
  10. Nothing like providing comfort to your guests. Make a kit for each one with implements such as glasses, caps or other accessories that can make the party even more fun.

  11. Create interactive dynamics
  12. One of the latest trends used by event planners is the creation of challenges or recreation of viral challenges, type "the mannequin challenge" within each party. Your guests will always remember it with humor.

  13. Simulate a spa
  14. Yes, it seems funny. But, what better place than the beach to relax for a while after the party?

  15. Enjoy it!
  16. Delegate most of the work to agencies in the region and take care to spend a pleasant time with your guests.
See all our plans for Boat Party in Cartagena and let us know what you have in mind, we will do our best to exceed your expectations and those of your guests.

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