Gethsemani and its charm


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Gethsemani and its charm

Getsemaní is the most colorful place in the historic center and a must-see when visiting Cartagena. Named by Forbes magazine as ‘One of the coolest neighborhoods in the world’ it boasts Instagram-famous scenes such as the umbrellas in the air of the narrow alley and the highly recognized murals of Colombian Nobel literature laureate Gabriel García Márquez and the María Mulata, the city’s flagship bird. But its history is not only limited to its picturesque streets, during the colony this was the neighborhood of the popular class and the Getsemanicenses were protagonists in the independence of Cartagena in 1811; Today, many of these colonial houses of patrimonial value are hotels or restaurants, but it is not a neighborhood that exists only for tourism because it is inhabited by many Getsemanicenses whose families have lived there for generations.

The greatest value that Getsemaní has are its inhabitants who have opened themselves to the public through a very interesting tourist and cultural offer where they are participants and protagonists, this captures much attention and enchants this place and its most famous square, La Trinidad, is an example of this because it is as common to see tourists taking pictures as local children playing hide and seek or gentlemen taking the cool of the afternoon and playing dominoes in its very narrow alleys coexisting with the thousands of visitors who come daily to know this place.

Today, Getsemaní is one of the neighborhoods where Cartagena’s traditions are kept alive, such as the bolita de trapo championship (a kind of softball played with a handmade ball made of fabric leftovers), the Cabildo de Getsemaní (parties and parades during the city’s Independence festivities) and Ángeles somos (a celebration that gathers children on November 1st where they go from house to house asking for food for a sancocho). Getsemaní is a good summary of Cartagena: Tradition, history and architectural beauty, good gastronomy, instagrammable places, nightlife, urban art and Caribbean culture.

Tips: In your visit to Getsemaní do not miss:
*Visit the nightlife in the wide alley, one of the most colorful and crowded streets, with tables on the streets and umbrellas on the roofs, is an amalgam between tourists and locals who want to enjoy dancing, music and its very famous cocktails.
*Eat a mote de queso (typical Colombian Caribbean dish) in Pepina’s kitchen.
*Try the contemporary Caribbean cuisine experience at Celele restaurant, one of the 50 best in Latin America according to The world’s 50 best.

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