San Andres

San Andres, the island of seven colors

Explore the Walled City Start your day touring the Walled City, a place full of charm with cobblestone streets and colorful colonial houses. Visit the Clock Tower and walk along the ramparts to enjoy breathtaking views of the sea.

Zenu Gold Museum:
Immerse yourself in the rich pre-Columbian history of the region at the Zenu Gold Museum. Discover the craftsmanship and goldsmithing of the Zenú culture, a fascinating experience.

Lunch at La Cevichería:
For lunch, head to La Cevichería, a place famous for its delicious seafood dishes and fresh ceviches. Don’t miss the mix of Caribbean flavors!

La Cevichería

Horse-drawn carriage ride:
Enjoy a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride through the narrow streets of the Walled City. It is a delightful way to soak up the unique atmosphere of Cartagena.

Café del Mar for Sunset:
Head to Café del Mar to enjoy a cocktail while watching the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most iconic places in Cartagena to enjoy the sunset.

Café del Mar

Dinner in Carmen:
For dinner, choose Carmen, a restaurant that combines Colombian cuisine with modern touches. Enjoy exquisite dishes in an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Carmen Cartagena

Rumba at Mister Babilla:
A night out in Cartagena would not be complete without experiencing the rumba. Mister Babilla is the perfect place to enjoy live music and dance to the rhythm of Caribbean music.

Mister Babilla

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